Saturday, July 26, 2008

NEW Take Our Word For It Blog - July 26 2008

Greetings, TOWFI Readers,

As you may have seen, our previous blog was hacked! The nerve! Our domain host offered an old version of WordPress blog software (we learned this tidbit when it was too late to be of any good to us!). That old version has lots of security holes, so some Russian hackers got in and hid lots of code in our blog, linking to sites about Viagra and similar subjects. If we deleted everything and started over with that old version of WordPress, we'd be open to re-attack. Therefore, we decided to move to Blogspot, which already hosted a blog for us (unrelated to TOWFI).

We were able to save all of our entries, and comments to them, from the old blog, and we will load them here soon.

As far as the features of this new blog, check out the etymology news at right! This and other cool options from Blogspot tell us we picked the right blog host!

We are truly planning to publish TOWFI again soon. Mike was involved in a time-intensive contract job which is now winding down. Looking forward to the extra free-time, he wants to completely revamp the site, in addition to creating new issues, so stay tuned! Etymology is on the way!

Best wishes,
Melanie and Mike
Take Our Word For It


Alan said...

Oh, yuck. Restoring everything from backups is never fun. Good luck setting up the new blog, and I look forward to new episodes of TOWFI!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Was the new blog ever set up and if so where can it be found? please.

Claude said...

Enjoy "Take Our Word For It" Looked into PayPal--too involved and I didn't understand it. If I had an address; I'd send you some money? Claude...

Michael said...


WILLOBIE said...

I enjoyed the humorous item with missing word prefixes by Jack Winter, but I take issue with his "kempt vs unkempt" pair. Kempt actually means combed or well groomed so is really the opposite of "unkempt"/